Need help choosing power supply to power 2 7850's


Nov 14, 2013
Ok so im planning to buy 2 7850's. I'll be planning to buy these 2 cards:

I'll probably be mining with these cards so they'll be in constant load for 24/7 but the problem is that I dont know which power supply to get:
Ive got my eyes on this:
But dont know if it will be enough power to power those two up. I'll be plugging the gpu's into the motherboard but will only plug my moniter into one of the motherboards. The other will have that dvi plug (i forgot what you call them but it comes with every gpu you buy) to keep it running because with that not attached to the gpu, the gpu will turn off. I will also not cross fire or anything like that.


Aug 27, 2013

You might be right I was thinking CF.. I had reread of what he was saying he said one of these motherboard so I am guessing he have two motherboard? Two computer? So yeah 600 is good enough.. For each computer so he could get away with 550 or 500. To me I am into with a huge power supplies less heat less stress and knowing my hardware have it full capability of regulating power and not fighting for power at a level 70% of each hardware of power thinking my hardware is doing 100% and knowing my PSU will never get hot or warm and last maybe 10 yrs and future proof for a high end video card.

Looking good tolz6996 Corsair is a great brand of a power supplies you can't go wrong with that.
Uh, you can go wrong with Corsair. Plenty of CXs have failed.

The 7850 is a very frugal card. You could run two in crossfire on a good 600W.

At a given efficiency and power output, the same amount of heat is produced by a 500W and a 700W PSU. It's just that the bigger heatsinks allow it to run cooler at the same power.

Few modern PSUs can last for 10 years, no matter how overspecced. The caps just can't do it.

'Fighting' for power is a myth. If too much power is being drawn, OPP/OCP should cut in. No components should know that the PSU is near limit until it flips the switch.

Go for 600-650W. Given that bitcoin mining on GPUs is barely profitable anyway, paying extra for power you won't use isn't worth it. Might be worth the extra efficiency of a Gold model though.