Question Need Help choosing ram!

Apr 26, 2019
I want to buy 16gb kit of my ryzen 2600 with x470 ultra gaming auros mobo. The memories I am already using are from Ballistix sport red 2666mhz 8gb kit(cl16 micron). I want to know that should I buy 2 more sticks of the same memory or should I sell these(if I can for not much loss) and buy new modules. The problem is that I can only find hynix memory modules in Pakistan.

This is website and all the available memories are listed there. Please help me decide what should I do. Should I buy new modules or upgrade to 16gb using the same ones.


do not need to look at list. my advice is to ALWAYS replace your RAM with a new matched set, this way you are guaranteed they WILL WORK together. trying to find a working match for your stick is much harder than it sounds, there are many variables involved, from wafer impurities to where the units were assembled all effect your chances.

I have had RAM made in the same factory, made one right after the next, serial numbers 1 apart and they would not work together as a set.
sell your RAM and replace with a new matched set. Ryzen likes faster RAM anyway, look to the 3000mhz modules for the slowest to consider.

this is the QVL for your board and CPU.