Question Need help choosing UPS for my PC


Sep 8, 2016
Hello guys,
I have 1 question about getting a UPS for my PC. I've read a few threads in this forum and around the internet.
I've managed to understand that I need to get a Pure Wave UPS.
One thing I cant figure out is the wattage I need, and what brand is most trusted.

What software can I use to measure my maximum wattage consumption?

My current PC specs are:

  • R5 5600x
  • RTX 2060 non super (single 8 pin power connector) but I want the headroom for newer GPU when/if I can put my hands on one;
  • 2x8 DDR4 3200 cl 16 G.Skill RAM Trident Z
  • Noctua NH-U12S Cpu Cooler;
  • 2x140 pwm fans + 1x120 pwm fan;
  • Seasonic Focus + 750 W, 80+ Gold;
  • Corsair ICUE with 4 led strips, powered through sata;
  • Kingston SSD 1 TB;
I've used one PSU calculator and the estimated UPS rating was 1000 VA, with wattage consumed - 588 W (including rtx 3080, for the headroom);

Can you give me an advice for what UPS should I opt for and what brands to prioritize?
I've chosen one certain brand and wattage: POWERWALKER VI 1200 CSW with 2x84 watt batteries, 720 watt rated UPS.
I just want the UPS so that I can close everything and shut down PC safely because the blackouts in my village are outrageous and are constantly just for few minutes which is very annoying.

Thank you very much for spending your time!
Take care!
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Sep 8, 2016
What is your budget and where are you located?
Well, my budget is around 150/160$, and I'm from Bulgaria.
Do you have any brands for suggestion, so I can see whether they're available here?
Here are some other brands that are for sale:
-Fps Group
-many other brands that are not fit for my budget or only have some industrial UPSs for sale;


Feb 10, 2015
I'm in a similar situation looking for a UPS. I've have some unexpected funds so am looking to get a UPS to protect my new system. I've got a budget of around $200, I'm located in the US and would prefer to use Amazon if possible. I was looking at the APC 1000VA BX1000M though the 1500VA BX1500M is also within budget if the smaller is not sufficient.

The new system specs:
  • R7 5800X
  • RX6800
  • 4x8 DDR4 3200
  • Dark Rock TF Cooler;
  • 7x120mm Silent Wings 3 fans +2x135mm Silent Wings 3 fans
  • Seasonic Focus Plus 850w Gold
  • WD Black 1TB SSD, Toshiba RC100 256GB SSD, 2x 4TB Ultrastar 7K4000, and a 1TB WD Green Caviar.
I am probably going to remove the RC100 and the Caviar for a 2TB SSD in the next couple months.