Question Need help choosing x470 motherboard


Jun 20, 2016
Hello everyone,

I'll be upgrading my i5 6600k (@4.5gz) + z170 mobo for a 2700x + X470 motherboard. But I'm stuck deciding which one to get.
The rest of the rig: Asus GTX 1070 Strix, 16gb (4x4) HyperX Fury 2666Mhz DDR4, Corsair RM650X, Samsung 850 evo and Cooler Master 212 cooler (upgrading it to a BQ DRP4)
I know the RAM frequency is not the best, specially for Ryzen, but it should do for now.

I'm hoping you guys could help me decide.

  • Budget is not much of a problem, tho, the less I spend the better ofc.
  • I don't need a super overkill motherboard since I'm not an extreme overclocker but I'll most probably overclock the 2700x to 4.1/4.2/4.3 in the future.
  • Solid motherboard to recieve the 3000/4000 AMD cpus.
  • I don't need WiFi or bluetooth, those would be usefull but are definetly not a must.
  • Looks are not important, they are apreciated but I'll choose performance over looks in most cases.
  • Main use is gaming
Here's the motherboards I'm looking at with their corresponding prices:
  • ASRock Taichi - 240€
  • ASRock Taichi Ultimate - 273€
  • Asus ROG CH7 (no wifi version) - 255€
  • Asus ROG Strix (F version) - 186€
  • Gygabite AORUS Gaming 7 Wifi - 271€
The CH7 being one of the most praised boards I've seen in my research makes me want to go with it, but, it might be an overkill for my use. The Strix also seems to be loved by some and it's 70€ cheaper, but what am I compromising if I go with it?
The gygabite boards are kinda pushing me back since I've heard they are prone to or can possibly have BIOS issues, otherwise they seem solid and specially the Gaming 7 Wifi seems to be the way to go for many people. However, BIOS issues are something I want to stay very far away. + the Gaming 7 is the most expensive here, I'm assuming because of the WiFi.
And finally the Tachi boards are the ones I have less info about, I do see it's name here and there and they do seem solid but considering their price I might be better going with the CH7...

What are your thoughts? Any others to consider?
Thanks in advance
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Are you sticking w/ a certain size board? ATX only? I'm using a ASUS ROG Strix X470-I in my HTPC setup, and has been working great for me since I bought when first available. Running w/ 2700X, but currently no OC. I've also left mine on stock and let XFR and PB2 do their thing, with single core boost going to 4.35 territory. Plan to drop in a 3000 series when they launch as well. Very solid build quality for being ITX based. No complaints and have no problem recommending for those looking for one in this formfactor.


Jun 20, 2016
Yeah, I'd like to stick with ATX or even EATX.
I'm also planning on running stock for a while, just to see how everything holds up and avoid any possible problems out of the box, OC does break the warranty after all.
The Strix was one of, if the not the first motherboard I added to the cart, but then I started to check the others and wondered if it was worth going balls out or not.

Saving those 70€ does allow me to buy some other stuff. Like more fans for my case, not that it desperatly needs them since my OC'd 6600k only goes to 55-60ºC and 1070 to 75-80ºC while gaming on ultra with only 1 intake and 1 exhaust + the 212. But it's still something I've been meaning to do inorder to achieve positive airflow due to dust.

I mean if the Strix is as viable for the next gen CPUs and nearly as good for a bit of overclocking as the CH7, I'm probably getting it. But if the performance does really justify the price difference, it's something to consider.
OK. Makes sense for your ideas. Regarding OC, they are likely about the same. If you plan to OC, I would look at models with better quality VRMs and cooling setups since you plan to OC down the road. A lot of the increased cost between models(besides VRMs in some cases) is due to all the RGB addons, AIO pump headers, M.2 slots, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options, ect. If these options aren't wanted or needed, you can save costs on the board itself.