Question Need Help Configuring a Streaming PC


Apr 29, 2016
Hey guys i have a these components laying around...
Ryzen 5 1400
16gb/3000mhz/c15 RAM
450w psu.

I want to build around these items. Its a secondary system, all its going to do is stream my gameplay from my main system.

My main rig is a r7 2700/rtx2070 with 32gb of RAM. I would like to stream the gameplay of this computer using the power of the R5 1400 computer. I dont want to sacrifice a single frame from my main system by powering the streaming software and extra monitors to do the task. Down the road i might also be interested in streaming Xbox and Nintendo gameplay, if you want to keep that in mind while offering advice.

can anyone help me with this configuration? I'm brand new to streaming but i want to start making a habit of it in 2021. I think it will greatly improve my experiencing with gaming and the gaming community! :)

I believe ill need a capture card between the two computers, suggestions? I want to stream at least 720p@60 hz but 1080p would be better.