Question Need help deciding between 2 mobos


Aug 15, 2011
Hey guys I've been trying to decide between the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi and the ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-A Gaming boards.

I have a Phanteks Evolv X case in galaxy silver and a white Deepcool Castle 360ex, so suffice it to say I'm trying to go for a white/silver aesthetic.

Considering price and features, the MSI wins by a mile. It's about 40 CAD cheaper and has Wifi/BT built in. I don't consider the 3rd PCIe x 16 on the ASUS a plus because I just don't see myself ever needing it but I can see why that drove up the price for it.

The MSI also has 2 ARGB headers while the Asus has just 1. I know I can get splitters but from what I understand, when you use splitters, the RGB products are recognized as a single RGB by the software. In my case I'd have the Phanteks DRGB products daisychained but I also have the AIO argb that I'd want to have its own color/effects. I won't be able to do that if they're recognized as one single ARGB unit, correct?

The downside about the MSI is I just find it kinda boring looking.

There is actually a 3rd option - the ASUS Prime Z490-A. Similar aesthetics (though I do prefer the ROG a bit) that I'm looking for with 2 ARGB headers and similar pricing to the MSI (because no 3rd x16 slot). Just no wifi/BT.

On the topic of Wifi/BT, I don't think I'd really ever need Wifi as I'm always plugged in. But BT can be very useful for me for peripherals.

Any ideas/thoughts from anyone?