Question Need help deciding on a monitor (Radeon RX 5700 XT, Ryzen 7 3700X)


May 3, 2013
A monitor is one of the last items for my build and I’m having trouble deciding on a monitor/narrowing it down.

I’ve included the GPU and CPU in the title, but if you need more detail let me know.

I primarily plan on using the PC for standard web browsing, Netflix/Hulu, gaming, and photo editing, so I would like a monitor that has accurate colors if possible (especially for photo editing but also just watching and looking at videos/pictures in general).

I believe the specifications I'm going for at this point are: 27", 1440p, 144hz, IPS panel. I initially was hoping for a monitor around the $200-250 price range, maybe $300 if necessary, but it looks like based on those specifications most of them are over $300, nearing $400 (and much higher, but I'm not even considering those). The monitor I have right now is an ASUS VH226H, 1080, 21.5"... nearly a decade since I bought it so I’m a bit out of the loop on today’s standards lol.

I've searched around and I think I've found a few that I might be willing to buy, but was hoping for some additional input.

Out of the monitors below, I think the Acer Nitro VG271U and LG 27GL83A seem the most appealing, but maybe you think another would be better (doesn't have to be from this list). I noticed quite a few people recommending the LG 27GL83A, but apparently the 27GL850 model has a better IPS panel, however it's $500 and I think that's definitely out of the range that I want to pay. The two that I've pointed out are already more than I want to pay, but like I said, I guess these are just the prices I should expect if I want those specifications.

The Acer V277U is definitely more within my price range, but the refresh rate is the only downside in comparison to the others. It is also 4ms, though I'm assuming most people can't tell the difference between 1ms and 4ms.

Again, feel free to link to any other monitors you think might be appropriate for me, I'm sure there are many I haven't even seen yet. Let me know what you think about the monitors below.

And a quick question regarding the ones that say G-SYNC-- is this separate from FreeSync? From my understanding, AMD GPUs support FreeSync, so the ones that say G-SYNC may not even be worth the consideration if they're for NVIDIA. The 27GL83A says "G-SYNC compatible," but I believe it's primarily for FreeSync and then it has the option for G-SYNC.

Thanks for any help!
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Given your hardware, you should be looking square at Freesync monitors. Yes, due to your requirements the price you're paying for is what your'e getting. Out of the list you've made, I'd pick out the LG because it had what I'd need in my monitor(s), an adjustable stand alongside it's other specs.


Jan 7, 2008
LG. And wait till black Friday and you may be able to get the Nano version for a more reasonable price. Its worth the extra money. And I hear newegg in going to have a good deal on this on Black Friday >

Its freesync and G-sync compatable