Need help deciding on a SSD


Jan 16, 2012
I'll be getting a solid state in about a week when i get paid, im replacing a seagate 5400 rpm hdd. i just don't know where to start. i know for sure i want something around 150 bucks but im not to sure which on i need. i picked a few out to see what ones you guys think are good or if you have any recomendations i would greatly apreciate it. heres what i was looking at:

i was also curious as to why the intel is more money than the sandisk even though it has more space. any help is much apreciated. Thanks!


Nov 17, 2008
The intel drives are price competitive with most other decent drives, for some reason that Sandisk is just much lower priced per GB than others.

First I would recommend researching the user feedback on drives on newegg before buying. Intel, Samsung and Crucial have pretty good user ratings, some other brands such as OCZ have horrible user feedback.

Second you have to find out if your system has SATA 3 or just SATA 2. If you need only SATA 2, which you probably have if you currently have a 5400 rpm drive, then you can buy a cheaper drive since your system won't take advantage of a faster drive.