Need help deciding on grahics card fast


Nov 19, 2001
i was gonna get a sapphire 9600xt 256mb but they didn't have any in stock so they offer me the 9700pro instead.

my question is, is power color radeon 9700pro 128mb a good reliable card that won't crash and burn. And also has there been any problems with power color cards specifically with that card? Or stuff like they used slow memory chips?

the mobo i'm going to be using is the asus p4p800se with p4 2.8ghz(800fsb)

plz reply quickly since i'm going the next day.

thnx for all your help
Just be sure it's a true PRO and not what they called a 'PRO' for the first few months (later to be renamed GOLD). Basically their gold version is like an R9700non-pro, and yes the memory is usually cheaper. However, if it's about the same price as an R9600XT, that may be ok, but what price are you talking about and where (seriously, you people should put your origin/location in your profile before asking questions!)?

Maybe another card is in your price range.

The questions is do you want about 50-70% more performance or more confidence in your card's longevity? The PC9700P means more performance, a good name brand means more security (but you might never have a problem with either, who knows).

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