Question need help deciding on new Motherboard


Mar 23, 2019
hello all, I hope someone can help me decide on which board I should buy , Ill be ordering it hopefully tomorrow. so far I have narrowed it down to 2.. (although 100% open to other suggestions if my 2 choices are bad lol) but my first choice is Asus-rog-strix-b450-f-gaming but I have seen on other forms/posts that GIGABYTE X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming might be better, and im not sure, Ive also read that MSI ARSENAL GAMING B450 TOMAHAWK may be even better still .. so I'm now at a point I'm not sure which one (if any of the 3) I should get . I plan on getting a RYZEN 7 2700 and most likely will not over clock, a few things id like to have on any mother board would be 1) digital Audio output. and maybe some RGB (but not 100% needed) so any suggestions would be great, I do like the first 2 choices of mine , mainly for looks and the audio port , but that's not a great reason to choose a board im sure

*EDIT.. Price range id like to keep under 180 CDN .. so please if you post a link choose NEWEGG>CA
I would go with the MSI Arsenal, since I have installed a couple and it worked out the box.
Also, it has BIOS FLASHBACK feature...where the BIOS can be flashed with a USB flash drive without installing a CPU, RAM or even a graphics card.