[SOLVED] Need help diagnosing my computer that freezes on windows logo but every now and then it goes through into login and i can use it after several restart


Nov 25, 2017
Here are 3 videos that demonstrate my issues:


1) bootup freezes with spinning dots stage

2) bootup freezes in transitioning to Windows Recovery Environment (winRE) after recognizing it had just failed

3) I try to boot windows 10 installer via flash drive made with windows installation media but get stuck at purple screen

Once every like hecka restarts, I somehow get super lucky and either enter into the winRE or the login screen

Here are my PC parts:

I'm running the latest version of Windows 10 as of 11/20/2020
I'm also running the latest bios version for my mobo.

My diagnostic processes:

  1. Don't think its my SSD: in one of the lucky time that i got to winRE, i got to cmd and did a chkdisk and it returned no issues. Photo evidence in the google album
  2. Don't think its my RAM: i ran memtest86 and my results had 0 errors. no pictures to show but trust that was all good
  3. Don't think its the processor: i ran intel's diagnostic tool and it passed all the diagnostic tests. Photo evidence in google album
  4. Don't think its the GPU: tried it on my friend's rig for a few days. Played some games. No crashes or freezes.
  5. Don't think its the PSU: I don't have a way to test it, but its only 3 years old on a good quality PSU and had little dust on it. Removed any remaining with air in a can but same freezing issue presented on boot.
  6. tried removing all unnecessary inputs to mobo like usb 3.0 and chasis fans and random usb's like mouse and keyboard but it didn't help
I'm at my whits end, please help.
Your system has trouble finding the connected drives.
After a lot of warm ups and cold downs often the cables that connect the drives get somewhat wiggled around until they get to the brink of losing the data connection, that's where you are now and sometimes it connects probably after warming up a little.
Open your case while your system is shut down and push on all the power and sata plugs on both the drives and the mobo side and try booting again.
If this fails disconnect everything and try with only the boot drive connected with a new sata cable and a power cable from your PSU that wasn't used before (if at all possible)