Need Help: Dock for both Windows and Mac Laptops that charges, 2 external hdmi monitors

Feb 9, 2019
Hi, I'm searching for a dock that will allow me to switch with one usb-c cord from one laptop to another. I have two HP VH240a external monitors with HDMI output. Here are some details.

Laptop1: Dell Inspiron 7000 series all-in-one with Windows 10. Usb-C, USB, HDMI ports.
Laptop 2: Macbook Pro with Mojave IOS and only two USB-C ports.

Until it started sparking and smoking, I was using a Kensington sd4600p Docking station. For the Macbook I would plug the USBc (with charging) from the dock into one of the laptop's usbc ports, and then use a HDMI to USBc converter and plug that into the other USB-c port in the laptop.

For the Dell I would use the USBc from the docking station and then the HDMI directly from one of the monitors into the laptop. My external speakers and one monitor, along with the power cord stayed plugged into the dock for both. It wasn't perfect but I originally purchased the dock for my Dell before being forced to get a Mac for work. I have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard that allows device switching between laptops and it works great (logitech).

So, i'm curious if anyone has a suggestion for a dock that will allow for a quick switch between the two laptops. I'm not sure what adaptors might be necessary if a dock has only one HDMI input, so that's one question I have. Also, when on the phone with Kensington tech help they said some docks won't allow two external monitors into a macbook.

My guess at what I require.
* Compatible with windows laptops and macs
* Has two-monitor capabilities (two hdmi inputs preferably?)
* has a port for my external speakers (Bose)
* Charges the laptops when the usbc from the dock is plugged into the laptop
* prefer not to pay a ton for this
* has good reviews. Many docks that say they are compatible with both have complaints that one does not work great.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

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