Need help ECS K7S5A!


Mar 26, 2007
Ok, here is a deal. A freind of mine asked me to help him with his old desktop that he wants to give his wife's school (they are working on 486s, so this one is a pretty big step forward).

Still it is about 7 years old. First i replaced CPU fan/heatsink to cooler and calmer one. When was replacing it, didn't shut computer down so the system powered down itself after about 5 sec. Finished installing new fan/heatsink -> turned it on -> nothing, only CDrom and HD lights are on, fan spinning nothing else happening. So i figured ok, fried the CPU. Ordered a new one XP 2200, got it today, replaced old CPU (Athlon 1000) and still all the same. Trying clearing CMOS, changing battery, using jumper to clear postion - nothing helps. System just wont boot, nothing on display.

Mobo - ECS K7S5A rev.5.

Thanks in advance.


Jan 11, 2002
If I remember correctly, the K7S5As are very particular about their PSUs. I do remember that they worked well if you got a good one, otherwise it was DOA. I put together a lot of these in the past and the RMA rate was about 50%.