Question Need Help Finding an ARGB Controller/Splitter Hub.


Apr 7, 2014
Hello everyone! I'm in need of help finding an ARGB controller/splitter hub for my ARGB devices.

My motherboard only has 1 ARGB header, so I need an ARGB controller hub that can operate at least 12 devices. Needed Current: 12A total - 1A for each device (For Phanteks Halos ARGB Fan Frames). Other normal ARGB devices only need 0.45A to operate but these Phanteks fan frames need 1A Current.

Most hubs I've looked at have their own power source (SATA power) so that solved the power issue with my mobo's header. But their max current is only 4.5A to 7A top, which equals 4 or 7 devices. If only my mobo has 2 ARGB headers then this wouldn't be a problem.

Do you guys know any Controller Hub that can power up to 12A? Or can I buy a splitter cable and connect 2 of these hubs to my mobo's ARGB header? Since these hubs have their own power source (SATA), the mobo's ARGB header can just act as a signal source?

Here are the devices I've found so far:

Phanteks PH-CTHUB\_DRGB\_01 Digital Controller Hub: 7A = 7 devices

Cooler Master MASTERFAN ARGB/PWM Hub: 4.5A = 4 devices

XSPC 8-Way 5V 3-pin RGB Fan Splitter: 6.5A = 6 devices

EN Labs ASUS 5V 3-pin RGB 10 Hub Splitter w/ PMMA Case: Unknown A, I'm trying to find out.
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