Need help finding and old PC game


Jul 4, 2012
Hi Everyone,
This has been really bugging me, it was a game I really enjoyed on in my youth. If anyone can help it will save me a ton of hours scouring the internet.

Here it is:
The game was set in Berlin in the Cold war - East vs West
It was a spy game where you were a secret agent so you had guns, gadgets, passports etc..
I remember there was a map that came with the game with the names of streets and buildings (that I lost)
and you had to visit people street vendors (hot dog cart?) and others who were also secret agents/informants to get information. I also remember that you were always being asked for your "papers" by random police officers and at checkpoints.
I believe it was during the early 90's but it could have came out in the late 80's. The format was you would do one movement at a time up, back left or right and it was like a turn. Each movement would change the environemnt and it's inhabitants based on your position .


Jun 10, 2012
I always find going back to old games ruins the memories of it. Good luck finding it though, there must be a library somewhere of all the games ever released that you could look in? Just an idea :)