Question Need help fixing HP ENVY 17 N108NF Laptop

Jun 11, 2019
Hi everyone, i recently bought a broken laptop a'd i've been trying to get it fixed. I'm usually good with this kind of thing but i'm stuck and need you guys suggestions and expertise.

My envy 17 n108nf won't power on. When i plug it in a white light turns on to indicate power. It turns orange when i plug in the battery.
When i press or hold the on button absolutely nothing happens. The lady who i bought it off said that she'd taken it to two repair shops and the first one said it was a power problem, the guy apparently changed the battery and maybe the power system (the woman didn't really know). This fixed nothing.
The second said it needed a new mobo and that ot would cost a lot.
I said i'd take it off her hands and replace the mobo.
I did exactly that, ordered a new mobo after testing the "broken" mobo with the base components (reduced it down to power system, mainboard and ON switch/usb board) and nothing. Exact Same problem.
I've checked the power system with a multimeter and it outputs 19~20v (power brick says 19.5v) so that seems fine. I've tried with and without the battery. No fans spin up. No lights on mobo or on the power switch board. The mobo seems to be drawing current because the power system light only comes on when the mobo is connected.
I'm starting to think the mobo isn't the problem as both mobos do exactly the same thing (nothing). I'm starting to Wonder if the power switch/usb board is faulty. Is my testing method correct? To get some kind of sign of life all it should need is power, mobo(cpu+gpu soldered on), and a power switch to turn it on(i can't find the pins to short-circuit). I really need help with working out what to do next.

This photo is of the base components i'm testing, the power cable is not pluged into the board in this pic, the power switch/usb/autio board isnt either(it's the board at the top).

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