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Question Need Help Fixing Pc Audio - pAudioClient - Initialize return error


Aug 5, 2016
Hello, recently I've been experiencing an audio bug when launching my Pc, it only happens at launch and will not reappear after I do the temporary fix. The error comes from the application Voice Meeter Banana which I have been using for years.

It reads "Failed to open main output device. Device Not Ready or used by another process. Select A1 Output Device First. Check Latency, too small buffer size might not be supported. pAudioClient - Initialize return error - 2147024895 (0x800700001)"

I have Voice Meeter setup so A1 is my headset and A2 is my speakers. A1 (My Headset) is connected through a FiiO E10K USB DAC which I got a month ago, and I also recently set up my At 2035 through a UMC22. On Voice Meeter the FiiO E10k is blinking red and in Windows sound manager it looks frozen in the middle of receiving audio (green bars on the right-hand side). My startup applications haven't changed except for Elgato Stream Deck, and Private Internet Access.

The only workaround I have at the moment that works until I reset my Pc is for me to go into Task Manager, Services, Audiosrv, right-click and restart it. Then I can go into voice meter re-select my FiiO E10K and my UMC22 in Voice Meter to fix the issue.

If anyone could be of help I would be extremely thankful, I like to think I'm a bit tech savvy but this one has eluded me so far. I've tried changing Hz for my FiiO E10K in settings and also tried reinstalling Voice Meeter.