Question Need Help for 7000D Air Cooling Configuration


Jan 28, 2019
7000D AirCooling Setup Help

Hello, after a long research for a future proof case I decided finally to go with Corsair 7000D.

I want to have your opinions how I am going to build an optimal air cooling machine.

As far as I know the 7000D comes with three non RGB 140mm fans, which I plan to use on the front panel as intake: 3 x 140mm fans.

This is so far what I planned. Now is time for my questions:

1) I want to use the side fan panel to have 3 or 4 120mm. I plan the side panel (i don't know the exact name of that metal thing) so that my motherboard and so on can directly benefit from the intake. That is the reason of this metal panel, am I right? What are the fans you suggest? Static Pressure fans are suggested by Jayztwocents in his video for 5000D that has also that metal bracket front of the side fans. I guess as they are not visible because of the metal plate I don't need an RGB fan.

2) For the upper and rear fans as exhausts I plan to have 3 RGB 120mm fans at top and 1 RGB 140mm at the rear end. Are they enough to exhaust the hot air? Will be the positive pressure too high?

3) And the most important question:In a scenario where all two of my questions are positevly answered I end up with a 7000D

3x140mm Front Panel (Non-RGB)
3x 120mm Side Panel (Non-RGB)
3x 120mm RGB Top
1x 140mm RGB Rear

a) The 7000D has in build fan control board I can connect 6 fans. Could the non-rgb fans 3 of them being 140mm, 3 of them being 120mm be connected into the in-build fan controller, or would this cause any problems?

b) I plan to buy a commander pro for the RGB Fans, can this 3 120mm RGB and 140mm RGB fans be connected to the commander pro.

c) or should the 140mm fans be connected into one hub while the 120mm fans into other. If so how would this affect the RGB configuration. (I would probably need two RGB Hubs, right?

Sorry for the long question. I research since more than two weeks and all of the information that I gathered, gave me answers, but also new questions as you see. You are the final place before I order. It would be great that you give exact suggestions on which Corsair fan for which use, and so on. Thanks in advance.


1| I think you should leave the side panel mounted fans option off the table. See what a front to back airflow nets you in terms of temps. Also, if you're air cooling you don't need all fan placements occupied. Instead you're going to have to gradually work your way with trial and error runs to see if all fans placements populated gives you favorable results or that removing one fan or two gives you better results. As a thumb rule, I'd make sure that you have intakes = exhaust. Are you going to watercool? If not, you need only look at airflow fans. If you intend to watercool, you should look into static pressure fans.

2| Yes they should be fine.