Need help for upgrading


Jun 12, 2009
I built my computer about 8 months ago and I am looking to do a bit of upgrading and I can not quite put my finger on what to upgrade first taking into account case cooling as well. I am looking for improved system performance and My 3dmark06 score was roughly 11170 (lost my paper) with both my graphics overclocked and My cpu overclocked.

system specs...On a 32 bit xp pro operating sys

2x3850's HIS iceq3 turbo
AMD atha 64x2 5k+ BE
2 gigs of g.skill 800 action
msi k9a2 mobo
iceberg 680 psu apev
crappy 7200 ribbon hdd bout 100 gig and a slave 60 ide ribb

I may have missed something but I do not think so, basicly I build a pretty decent 790fx ati spider platform thinking in time I would be rocken the quad fire but then the graphics cards kept flying out and even the newer ones are cheaper than the friggin new ones so no quadfire today. Just looking on ideas what to upgrade for better performance and stuff yaa lol ;P budgest is a rough 200-250 us currency.

Are you a gamer?
Would help to upgrade those video cards.

Processor could be upgraded as well.
Hard disks could be upgraded to SATA.
Memory could be upgraded to 4 GB.

Depends on your uses of the computer and your budget.
Please specify what you use the computer for.

There is the Phenom X2 550 BE, excellent dual core for just $100, then the Phenom X3 720 BE, my favorite since its three cores, for just $140. Then there is the Phenom X4 940 BE, at just $190, and a step up further than that is the Phenom 955 BE at $250. All the best choice for the money.
Check that your motherboard supports the processor you want.

Best Graphics Cards For The Money: June '09,2323-6.html


Jun 3, 2009
id upgrade your processor and ram, if you get 4 gigs you could get a 64 bit os which is better for most things, there arent any driver issues anymore (i havent had any), apples even doing the next osx in 64bit, and they are always a lot slower than ms... i got the phenom II 940 be, which at the time was 260$, havent had any complaints actually outperforms the i7 920 on a lot of games. also the hdd are bad ide sucks