[SOLVED] Need help for workstation build

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Apr 24, 2020
Hi guys, it's me again. my problem being directly linked to the same rig i won't create a new thread. so as i said my rig works great with Unreal engine. but i have a big problem right now. I won't go into details, but i need to convert my map of the game into a more recent game engine version. the thing is the map is big, really big. so the 32 gig aren't enough. i tried the conversion but after two days, the convertion got kinda stuck. so i'm gonna try with 128 gig. i'm not even sure 128 gig will be enough to be honest. but i have to try. because if it works i could save months of work. the thing is i don't know which ram i should go for. there are 3200 MHz with very good reviews (corsair dominator) , CL18 (g.skill), 4000 MHz, apparently no CL16 out there? so i need advice for a 128 gig ram set up. my rig is the same X570-pro, 3900x, and 2060. purchasing from France