Need Help from anyone with good knowledge on CPUs


Jun 15, 2011
i have a Intel (R) Core TM 2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86 GHZ 1.87 GHZ Processor chip, but i cant run WoW or Lord of the Rings online cause it says i need at least 2.8 GHZ and the games are running choppy game play. well since my processor is doubled to 1.86 and 1.87 thats over 3 GHZ so my question is. Why is my computer not recognizing the other 1.87 GHZ to give me the full 3.0 GHZ?


Oct 27, 2010
First off dual core ghz is different to single core ghz.

a single core celeron 4.00ghz is equivilant to a core 2 duo dual core at 2.00ghz.
But the dual core will still have a higher performance than the single core. So it will not work with 1.86ghz

In a dual-core processor you don't add the 2 core speeds to get some other speed. A 2 gig dual-core is NOT a 4 gig CPU (despite what people on craigslist like to say :lol: ) If you take an engine out of a car that can run 200mph, and you add it to another similar car, you won't make a car that runs at 400mph, same thing with adding the two cores to get some random speed rating.

You will play fine on that CPU, the issue is probably your video card. List your full system specs.
AS hang-the-9 mentioned the 6300 CPU should be fine to run those games - chances are it is either some other part (ie. the video card or amount of RAM etc.) but we would need more info on the system including what monitor resolution you are using to really tell