Need help getting mSata SSD to boot as primary- GE70


Jan 28, 2014
Hi guys, I've recently picked up an MSI GE70 and i've opted to install an SSD into the msata port. I bought a Plextor PX-128M5M and installed it.
Now, i've got the bios and disk manager to read it fine. I've converted it to GPT format and i've done the following:

1. Cloned the existing windows 8 from HDD to SSD using EaseUS Todo. I tried to boot SSD as primary, but to no avail. I tried in legacy boot mode, but it doesn't boot to anything.

I then booted in UEFI, but it booted to HDD by default.

That didn't work, so then I did:

2. Installed windows 7 onto SSD via windows 7 CD. Installed successfully, but I had to boot it in legacy mode.

Problem is, I actually want windows 8 + UEFI mode for SSD.
But in UEFI mode, the only boot options I get under BBS Priorities are Windows boot manager and disable.

What am I doing wrong? How can I clone windows 8 to my SSD and have it boot as primary by default on UEFI?

Thanks a mill in advance and apologies if this has been asked before. I have 30 different tabs open regarding this and I've made no progress.


whats BBS priorities?

Normally on uefi sytems you need to clean install.
remove the HDD and insert the win8 install disk/usb flash drive.
power up the system and press the F-key that corresponds to the Select boot device message.
select the uefi option and direct the install to your msata drive.
install is pretty normal from here.

once you get the system booted into win8 you can install the hdd and use diskpart to change the drives signature
- Warning: This will remove your F3 factory restore
- Connect the hard drive.
- Boot into system recovery using repair DVD
- Go to command prompt
- Type 'diskpart' to launch the disk partition utility
- Type 'list disk' to list the disks. Note the id of the hard drive.
- Type 'select disk #', where # is the id of the hard drive. BE SURE!
- Type 'uniqueid disk=xxxxxxxx to change the disk signature of the hard drive to xxxxxxxx. This new id can be any hex number as long as it doesn't collide with your other disks.

other than that I suggest you have a read thru this post for an easy solution which unfortunately is not free:


Dec 7, 2015
Well it is slightly tricky but I got it figured out.

Go back and re-clone your drive using easeUS and optimize for SSD, etc.

Then restart and boot to bios (press delete key a few times when you first reboot or power on to get to bios menu for those that don't know how to with a GE70 laptop)

Go to the boot tab
Select UEFI Hard Disk Drive BBS Priorities
Select boot option #1 and you will notice that there are 2 options that say "windows boot manager" and a 3rd option that says "disable"
Select the second "windows boot manager"

Now select boot option #2
You will get the same 3 choices as boot option #1, however this time you will select the first "windows boot manager"

Now escape, save changes, and exit the bios.

Now when you boot up you should notice a very significant decrease in bootup time. (we're talking less than 2 seconds after entering your login password to get to a desktop, and maybe a few seconds after that before the sound blaster logo displays and the keyboard lights up.) You will definitely notice the speed difference in bootup when you do this as it is definitely not a subtle difference!

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