Need Help. Help me Choose between these 2 pcs

Aug 4, 2018
Alright, so basically, I found a Cyberpower gaming pc at walmart for 1,249. It has intel 7 8th gen (non k) and a Gtx 1060 6gb. I think the specs are pretty fine. However, the only seller I could find was Walmart. (The model number is Cyberpowerpc Gaming Xtreme gxivr3800wst.) And because of this it's hard to trust any reviews. There's only 5 and each give 5 stars. And before you comment to "build a pc, its cheaper," I am not going to build a pc. I am not capable of doing so. I prefer a prebuilt, because I am backed with warranty. My other option is Cyberpowerpc BattleBox Essential GLC5000CPG with almost the exact same specs.The main difference being i7 8th gen k model. It's available at amazon for nearly the same price, at 1,299 USD. The problem is it has liquid cooling. My reoccuring non-stop nightmare, is leakage. Do you think the Squaretrade warranty covers that? Do any of you have an experience with Cyberpowerpc to share? Or maybe do any of you have this exact model? Anyways thank in advance. If you have any other suggestions (under 1,500).
Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, in a rush.


I've got a number of threads worth of experience to suggest users not to buy Cyberpower and iBUYPower systems. Often times the reason the systems come at a reasonable price is due tot eh fact that they've cut corners somewhere to make the price(with their margins) more attractive.

If anything building your system would be a self rewarding experience and you will have a clear target when making possible upgrades. With prebuilts the common phenomena is that you end up shelling more later down the road in pursuit of an upgrade as opposed to building a system which has the scope of dealing with upgrades on a gradual basis.


Feb 12, 2006
Get the Walmart one. If you are not comfortable with building and don't trust the water cooling, you probably do not want to deal with removing the AIW cooler and installing a heatsink. Nor tweaking the overclock.

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