Question Need Help!!!I have a 8 GPU Rig, must flash SSD stuck on motherboard with baleena etcher, How can I do that?

Jan 30, 2020
Hello I have a MINING RIG with 8 GPU & ASROCK H110 Motherboard, 4gb Ram, and hardrive is kind of Ram 248gb stuck on the motherboard (no Sata connection)... I need to flash a Linux OS with baleena etcher into the SSD, I only have a closed Notebook, I tought from a USB key, but I dont know how to do it...I'm blocked since 2 days with this problem....Can someone help me resolving this issue...It must be easy enough but I'm relativelly newbee doing these things...

Thank you so much for your collaboration, each help would be highly appreciate :)
Boot Linux off USB, open command prompt. Use "dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdaX bs=1M". Find out proper names of your SSD, and the image you want to burn.

You can also boot Linux with desktop, and install Balena there, they have Linux ports as well. It will be safer and simpler for someone withouy Linux experience.

As for "How to do it": There are plenty of user-friendly Live Linux distros. Ubuntu, Mint - just to name a few.