Question Need Help - I need to jump start my PSU in order to start my PC?

Nov 28, 2020
Hello guys,

recently build my first pc. My PC won't open so I did go to a PC repair shop. He needs to jump start the PSU to open power up my PC. I am planning to go to the store where I bought my parts but I don't know if the power supply or the motherboard is the problem.

After jumpstarting it works fine but I need to remove my peripherals before shutting down in order to open start it again without PSU jump start.

my PSU is FSP Hydro G pro 750w 80 plus gold
my motherboard is B450 Aorus Pro
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Dec 12, 2020
Sorry I'm a little late, but besides a visual inspection of the pins, for the power button of the case(make sure it's on the right pin on the board and that your other pins on that section are connected properly),;the power supply and on the mother board, if that didn't work I would check and see if the repair shop would hold your desktop long enough to try it with another PSU in it to see if it's the same thing. Also trying it with bare minimums installed to the board first isn't a bad idea.

Hope you get it figured out!