Question Need help identifying a clicking sound in case

Jul 21, 2021
So I have a newish build of 6 months and a clicking sound has been worrying me a bit since it sounds almost electrical. PC runs fine otherwise.

Sounds like it's coming from pretty high in the case, opposite side of PSU so I've ruled that out unless it's a connection issue somewhere. Only connections around where it seems to be coming from is the 8 pin power. I do have an SSD mounted on the backside of the case I'm not sure if they could make a sound like that, no HDDs. I do have an AIO that I considered but it seems to be coming from a bit higher up than that. I have also checked and it doesn't seem like a fan issue although I could have missed something.

I recorded a video to the best of my ability sound happens around 7s in and the loud click at the end is my phone apologies for that. Any help identifying or how to go about identifying would be appreciated.