Need Help Identifying fried Resistor on Electronic Drumkit

Oct 31, 2018
I am trying to figure out what type of resistor I need to replace on the circuit board of a Simmons SD7K Electronic Drumkit. I've attached pictures. Part of it seems to be chipped/burnt off so I can't quite tell what color the rings on it are. Also attached are images of the circuit board in case that might help.

I've had this electronic drumkit for a few years, but a while back it stopped turning on. When I flipped the switch on, I could smell a slight burning scent. I opened up the casing and examined the circuit board and couldn't find any glaring issues until I saw the discolored resistor right next to the DC plugin.

I've scoured the manual and the internet for any schematics or other images of what the circuit board would've originally looked like, but could not find anything.


Have you tried to measure it. I realize this might not work...but have you at least tried. That might give us a clue.

and....if that first band is gray....that's an 8. The gold is 5%.

So....being the unit doesn't work anyway...I might try an 800 something ohm....or an 8000 something ohm....or maybe even an 80 something ohm.



Here's another thought I just had...if you do manage to find a resistor value that will may be better off going with a half watt resistor than a quarter watt because perhaps there is something not quite right in their design and that resistor gets hotter than it should.

A half watt resistor might prevent it from frying again.