Need help in building a new pc


Apr 7, 2012
hi i,m going to build a new pc and so everything is decided but the motherboard.i have no idea which motherboard to buy.please suggest me any motherboard(with link) within the range of $200.

other components include:
cm storm enforce pc case
antec 850watt power supply unit
nvidia gtx 550ti 1gb graphics card
CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 8GB-1600 8GX1 (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10) memory
intel i5 processor


Mar 27, 2012
That graphics card is pretty WEAK. If you have $200 to spend on a motherboard, I suggest you spend like $120 on the motherboard and use the extra $80 to get a better graphics card:,3107.html

What core i5 are you getting? is a unlocked? We need to know that before recommending any board.

Antec 850watt is overkill. If you aren't running more than 1 video card 650watt is more than enough (just use a brand name psu like Antec).

I am not sure about this but I rather using 2x4GB in dual channel mode than a single 8GB stick.


Sep 11, 2011

You could probably sli 2 GTX 680's on a good 750watt, so yeah, that 850 is a lot more than you would need; if you are not planning on sli, than a 550watt will do fine. Just make sure it is a good one, like Antec, Corsair or Seasonic. Where are you located, anywhere near a Micro Center? They always have deals on i-series processors and good z68 chipset motherboards when bundled together.

The ASRock is a good board or the ASUS P8Z68-V gen/3 is another good board, slightly more but still less than $200, and should be compatible with Ivy Bridge processors with the right BIOS, for possible future upgrading on the same board. However, if you get a 2500K that should be all you need for a few years.