Question Need help in choosing new earbuds for workouts and exercise :)


Sep 19, 2017
Hello everyone! so, I need to pick new earphones/earbuds for my smartphone.
Up until now, I used PANASONIC RP-NJ300BE-K and Panasonic RP-NJ310B, but they both lasted only 6 months despite me taking good care of them. In the first one, my left earphone died, and the second one all of the sudden didn't want to charge and when plugged into my PC it heated and didn't light up/work at all. They were always charged only 2 hours, and as I mentioned, I took good care of them. They didn't have any contact with water or any liquids or aggressive cleaning substances. I was probably just unlucky?

Anyways, after my experience, I need to pick new ones while my Panasonic RP-NJ310B is being repaired. At this point, I don't know if it's worth buying any wireless/Bluetooth ones or just buy wired. My current budget is around 60$ and I'm looking for recommendations of some good earbuds at this price point that will be more durable and be suitable for exercise/running/stationary bike and listening to podcasts. Of course, if it's impossible to get any wireless once that will be any good, perhaps some wired earbuds will suffice :) I was tempted by good reviews of both models I used, but it seems It might be unrealistic to buy good Bluetooth headphones for this price.


For workouts, I'd advise against wired earbuds since they can get snagged onto equipment. Also wireless earbuds give way to articulating your head freely, without being caught or adding weight(that's how I feel with wired earphones when working out).

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