Need help in choosing PSU


Mar 30, 2012
guys i need help!
i cant decide (again) which psu will be a good choice for me.
im upgrading my pc and specs are these:
mobo: asus f1a55-m lx
processor: amd a6-3500
mem: g.skill ripjaws 2x4gb 1600mhz
gpu: evga gtx 570
chassis has 5 fans (does this include?)

will sli and will be upgrading the mobo and processor to i5 or i7 in the near future and possibly add the rams. looking to overclock.
here are the psu's in Philippine currency and are the only available:

Psu FSP Epsilon 80+ 800w Power Supply True Rated PHP 4200.00
Psu FSP Everest 85+ 800w Power Supply Modular PHP 4780.00
Psu Seasonic 750w M12II-750 80PLUS Bronze (Modular) PHP 5300.00
Psu Corsair TX750w (True Rated) PHP 5750.00
Psu Corsair TX850w (True Rated) PHP 6300.00

i looked into this and all the psu's are sli compatible.

since the FSP's have the affordable prices im looking to buy either of those two but do you think that it will be a good pick considering my upgrade plans? it will save me some $ for the next upgrade. im willing to stretch my budget for the seasonic and corsairs but for PHP 1000 - PHP 2000 more is a big difference. thanks in advance!


Apr 4, 2012
I would recommend the seasonic as it is on par with the corsair 750 but also modular and cheaper. The two FSPs are outdated and you should not get a 80+ psu unless you are on a very tight budget minimum should always be 80+ Bronze. So it would be between the seasonic and corsairs. 750w+ is recommended for 570 sli but because you are overclocking you should get a higher wattage so if the store has the M12II-850 then get it otherwise get the corsair tx850.


Mar 6, 2012
You answered your own question. You are going to overclock right? The warranties (such as they may be) of the FSP's are voided if you modify any hardware. Overclocking is a modification of hardware.
I vote for the Seasonic.