Question Need help in choosing the right type of RAM upgrade for my system

Oct 31, 2021
Hello People,

I have an old pc lying with me. It has only 2GB DDR2 RAM. I wanted to upgrade the RAM because the PC is lagging even while doing normal day to day operations. I ordered two DDR2 RAM sticks but when I inserted them, the PC refused to even turn on. I guessed that I ordered the wrong RAM module. There are two RAM modules pre-installed both of which have stickers denoting Hynix 1 GB 2RX8 PC2-6400U-555-12. Can this info help me in ordering the correct RAM stick? Kindly help me.


Make and model old pc?

Make and model motherboard? How many RAM slots?

The existing Hynix RAM modules/specs will be helpful but only to a point.

This RAM stick?

What really matters is the motherboard and what RAM specs and RAM configurations are supported by the motherboard.

That information is usually provided in the motherboard's User Guide/Manual but often with the recommendation to check the motherboard's manufacturer's website for more up-to-date information.

You can also visit RAM manufacturer's websites as well. Use the make and model information for pc and/or motherboard to search for RAM that can be used.

The results can be a bit questionable so you need to find a concensus regarding what RAM is acceptable/supported. And in what configurations.

Very likely you will need to purchase a RAM kit that uses matched RAM modules for dual channel use.