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Question Need help in COD 2019 (especially warzone)


Apr 30, 2007
My specifications are 7700k (oc'ed to 4.8GHz), RAM 3200mhz CL16, 1080ti (oc'ed at 2GHz ingame). I use Asus PG279Q 1440p with Gsync (vsync on in NVCP and off in game)
Running latest Win10 64bit version 2004 with latest nvidia driver. I have fiber optic 300mbps/300mbps internet connection.
I'm having REAL problems with COD MW 2019 (especially in Warzone).
My settings ingame are Full screen, 144hz, 1440p, textures high, textures filtering high and everything else on lowest settings. Only using Filmic antialiasing.
I'm averaging 100fps to 120fps (capped with RTSS)
EVERY confrontation with an enemy is a stuttering mess and then me dying no matter how I aim, or even if I pre-fire or whatever. It's like my bullets are slower than EVERY enemy I face, and sure enough ending dying in almost every situation.
I know I'm not the best fps player in the world but I'm definitely a seasoned one. Playes countless hours on cs go, BF 3,4, 1 and 5 and do usually well or at least I dye in a fair manner in these games.
What do you think? Where is the problem? How to solve this?