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Feb 10, 2016
Hello guys!
I want to buy the new Ryzen 5600x and all the components I want should be in a mid price range as my budget is tight. But my main concern is future proofing my build. So can you guys suggest some mobo, ram, gpu, etc such that I won't need to upgrade all of my hardware. Also if it can overclock it'll be a cherry on the top!
Future proofing is a myth as no one can predict the changes in software and hardware. The only thing you can do is buy the fastest parts within your budget.

Some ways to save money is by not going nuts on the motherboard as there is no performance gain with more expensive ones. Price is mainly features and overclocking potential for you CPU which most people will never do or if you do it's not anything extreme which 80 to 130 boards can handle fine. I would recommend you get a board that has some sort of heatsink on the VRMs though

Fancy RAM is another money pit, cheap RipJaw V will be as fast as expensive RGB ones.

For storage SSD is a must these days but don't get caught up in the advertising gimmicks. A Intel 665 SSD in real world use will be as fast as the considerable more expensive Samsung offerings for instance. And for mass storage HDD are dirt cheap or go the 2.5 inch SSD route since 1tb Crucial MX500 are routinely on sale for 90 usd

Same goes for cases, budget aesthetics last. Just get a good NZXT, Phanteks, Fractal etc case in the 50 to 80 buck range.

CPUs while important are secondary to GPU power for gaming. Midrange 6 cores are perfectly fine for the majority of gamers so put more to the GPU. Also don't blow money on an oversized AIO, a 240mm is enough for almost anyone and even then I would still take a Noctua or be quiet air-cooler over those.

Speaking of the GPU right now Nvidia is the clear winner. AMD raw power has gotten a lot better but Nvidia with Ray Tracing, DLSS, Nvenc for streaming etc blows AMD out of the water. I would say for midrange a 3070 or 3060ti would be good options.

The one thing you should not skip on is a PSU. I would recommend a quality Gold rated 650 watt PSU. Stick to Tier A or maybe B

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