Question Need help in memory upgrade.

Jun 1, 2019
Currently i have

i5 6500

8gb 1x ddr4 2133mhz ram

Gtx1050ti 4gb

Asus h170m plus mobo

And 500w power supply

And now i wanted to install 1 more 8gb ram

But i am confuse by cl15/latency. i am now using ram with cl15. so need to know that it is necessary to have same cl15 in new ram also ?

I need to know is this ram works with my pc

Here is the link

Currently i have have corsair value select 8gb 2133mhz ram but which is am planning to buy is of different brand but with same cl15 and it is of 2400mhz so please let me know that it compatible with my config or not

Now iam using

Thanks in advance
Memory is guaranteed in the form sold. Other combinations you decide to make have no guarantee to be compatible together.

Such combinations may cause the memory to be unable to operate at rated specifications. You are free to do your own compatibility testing with no guarantees.