Need Help in oveclocking the q9450 in rampage formula


Jul 6, 2008

I have the asus rampage formula, q9450, and ocz reaper 1066Mhz Pc2-8500 ram
Can i ask you guys the bios settings for this combo. Im really new in Oc-ing. I just wanna know what is your bios setting with this combo. Please include what to enable, disable, auto, and your settings for all you have tweak. I just want to hit the 3.4GHz speed thanks guys. Have mercy on the newb Thanks


Apr 15, 2008
Unfortunately all hardware is different so with the same exact setup one person could get to 3.8ghz and the other 3.0ghz so the settings wont really help you. Also you want to know what you are changing when you are doing things to ensure that you wont damage anything. Read the sticky threads that go over the basics and go from there. Pretty much you want to do a few things:

Ensure you have a good heatsink on your cpu. The stock cooler wont get you to where you want to be. If you are on a stock cooler I recommend the xigmatek HDTS1283 cooler

1) download real temp this will monitor your temperatures
2) download prime95 this will be the program that you run to test for stability when you get into windows. You generally want to run it for a few hours to ensure stability. Some people recommend 24 hours to be completely sure.
3) change your pciE frequency to 100mhz (this will prevent overclocking of the card and instant crashes)
4) find out what your fsb ratio is, ideally you want at 1:1 ratio
5) change your front side bus (FSB) frequency (should be set at 333mhz)
6) with your cpu you have an 8x multiplier so 333mhz x 8 = 2.66mhz 400mhz x 8 = 3.2ghz

that should get you started. Being that you are new at this I would not recommend advanced changes (voltages) until you understand the basics. You should be able to get to 3.2ghz without changing anything besides the FSB speed. If you start running into walls come back and post about it and we can try to trouble shoot it.


Jun 24, 2008
Hehe, ignore roadrunner's negativity, and go with sciggy's advise. You really should strive to understand what you're doing first! There are quite a few things to figure out, but if you read through the guides and look through as many other similar posts as possible, you can ask directed questions and get good answers! The general "how do I overclock" question seldom gets terribly good or specific answers.


Aug 24, 2009
I got also the Rampage Formula with the Q9450 and 8GB of corsair Dominator 1066.

My FSB is now around 450 and its really stable. The speed of the processor is around 3.5 GHZ. Memory is running on 850 mhz, I got the 1:1 ratio and its really stable. I use a Nexus heatpipe cooler its working fantastic.

Greetings Gerard