Question Need help in overclocking RAM!!!! Crucial BASICS ram.

Oct 17, 2021
Hi guys. I need help in overclocking my CRUCIAL BASICS 8GB 2666Mhz CL19 1.2V ram. It's a GREEN PCB, NO HEATSINK ram. I have a ryzen 5 3400G, and since the vram is shared, stability is very important!!!. I want to overclock it to 2933mhz, but Idk how much voltage to change. Also I'm unsure if this ram can withstand the overclock since it doesn't has any heatsink. Can someone please help me on this, I don't want to try myself and brick/crash my computer. I have an msi b450 pro vdh max. Would be really helpful. Thanks
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Ram is a tricky thing to oc, I hate it my self and normally don't mess with it too much. I currently run a 5800x system with 2666mhz ran, first gen ddr4 stuff, I got to 2733 out of it and tightened timings to 12-12-12-30 at it's stock voltage, I couldn't get more than that, but I also lack the knowledge of what every timing does.

My ram it didn's matter what voltage or even really relaxed timings, it doesn't like more than 2733mhz. I did have a problem getting to 2733 and even 2666 was sometimes not stable and it was due to the command rate, it was set to 1t by default, I set it to 2t and I was able to lower timings at least and bump the speed a little.

I'm still playing with my ram, my goal is 3000 or 3200mhz, but I got to learn more about the sub timings, think that's what's preventing me from getting a higher overclock.
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