NEED HELP MSI 1060 gaming x 6gb OC'ing GPU ruining cpu&graphics score in 3d mark

Nov 11, 2018
Hey guys, I'm fairly new to PC yet feel like I know more than just a beginner from doing tons of research into everything. But cannot find anything to resolve this issue!

I built my system with an 8700k,MSI 1060 gaming x 6gb, Aorus gaming 7 mobo, 2666mhz ddr4 hyper x (left on it's xmp profile), and an 850w gold corsair psu.

With any sort of overclock on my GPU through MSI afterburner, it completely trashes my scores in 3d mark. 100 to a few hundred points across cpu/graphics score. power limits/temp limits have been pushed to its 108% and 92c limits. I have manually adjusted fan speeds to 100% since the sound doesn't bother me in hopes of being able to achieve maximum performance out of the card.

with no OC performed on my GPU my scores are pretty great indeed. but even +8 MHz towards memory or core clock I begin to see pretty drastic diminishing returns.

I have spent days trying to find the "sweet spot" for this card when OC'ing. the weird thing that usually happens is either immediately after running the first 3d mark test after OC my scores would either be worse right away (and stay that way) or they would be 100-200 points higher the first run, then every single run after that is worse than if I just leave everything on stock. ive fiddled with the power slider all the way to 100 (no help at all im not sure it is even doing anything) still nothing.

ive read people saying check nvidia control panel and make sure v-syncs not on and that it is set to preferred maximum performance - both of those things are not the issue. I've also read that the MSI gaming application is the problem. Yet I have not even installed the MSI gaming application software.

Am I just working with a complete POS gpu? what can I do :(