Need help - MSI GTS 450 SLI


Jan 6, 2013
Im thinking about upgrading my PC in couple of weeks and one thing bugs the hell out of me .

I have MSI GTS 450 ( N450GTS-MD1GD5 ) for a year now and it works great , but after looking at new motherboards and SLI i realized that my version of gts 450 doesnt heave SLI connector :( (Official MSI page says my GPU us SLI ready ).

So how do i pair them without SLI bridge ?

Motherboard im looking at is MSI 970A-G46 alongside with FX-6100 black box and 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram .

Im very budget restricted so getting new GPUs is out of the question .
you should at least give 7770 a try then if 7850 is a bit too expensive for you.
this is an unbelievably efficient card and performs well the long run you would end up saving a lot on electric bills any way.
(might have sounded stupid but for some even that matters)
No electricity can be pricey I have a Corsair AX850 80 Plus GOLD power supply because I wanted good power and I wanted to save on the bills. If you can get a 7850 do it otherwise to get by on okay settings the 7770 will do it.

ha ha ha...that's true...I believe next time you upgrade your psu,you will surely get the platinum certified 1 then
No I'm holding out for Titanium :) that is the highest 80 plus goes waiting for it.
check out that 10% efficiency mmmm baby :)
There aren't any titanium even on the server grade PSU's. I would suspect at some point they will become available but I still think we are a ways away from it. My AX850 will suffice for a long long time.