Question NEED HELP!!! New build Freezing

Mar 21, 2019
Need Help- New value Build - worked great for 2 weeks then started freezing at random times, usually within 3-5 minutes after restart.

CPU - AMD Ryzen 3 2200g with integrated Vega 8 graphics
Motherboard - MSI A320 Gaming Pro
RAM - 2 x 4GB ADATA Gammix XPG DDR4 2666mhz
SSD - 480 GB PNY
PSU - 600W + 80 - EVGA

Things that I have done already:
  1. ran memtest86 to test ram. Both sticks stated 0 errors.
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Windows.
  3. Replaced SSD Drive with new one. PNY replaced unit.
  4. Updated Bios on motherboard.
  5. Checked Event Viewer but cannot find any info on freezing errors.
Any information would be great as I am at my wits end with this issue. Thank you.


Look in Reliability History/Manager for error codes, warnings and informational events.

Boot the computer and immediately open Task Manager or Resource Monitor in full screen.

Observe your system's activities up and through that 3 - 5 minute window before the freezes start happening.

The time suggests a possible heat relationship - some component (E.g., the PSU as mentioned) warming up, expanding, and interfering with connectivity in some manner. Could be some other component or connection as well.

Likewise the problem might be some old or buggy background app launching and trying to update, phone home, or backup.

Overall, the objective is to watch what is happening and note some change(s) preceding the freeze.