Need HELP! New PC Build Not Booting!Please Help Details Inside Thanks!


Mar 16, 2011
Hello everyone, I apologize for such an informal title but I hope to get people's attention. Well okay I put together a new build and first off before you ask or make assumptions I HAVE built computers 3 times before with NO problems - so I'm not inexperienced or that much of a "noob". However, I am really concerned over this new build which I cannot get to work and I fear this worst - important parts being "faulty". Beforehand, I would liek to apologize to everyone for the numerous typos that will no doubt be throughout this whole post.

A quick overview of important specs:

GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard
Corsair CX500 PSU
Hyper 212+ with extra fan
Antec 900 Two v3 Case
not as important:
spinpoint F3
ocz solid 3 60gb ssd
rosewill 75 in 1 card reader
standard sony dvd/cd bruner

Alright so I put together everything is usual being extremely careful, taking my time, etc. Pretty sure I did not damage anything myself (extremely careful, anti-static strap, 2500k installed fine, hyper 212+ installed fine, etc.) However I have ran into a lot of problems not getting the build to start up. I apologize for the huge amount of info that I have supplied and there is to come so I am extremely thankful for anyone who decides to read this and help me out.


*Have tested the PSU with the trick with the paper clip green, black etc. for those of you that know it. Seems to work fine.
*Tested the PSU with another very old computer that definately works as well as the PSU but the cx500 COULD NOT start it (although it seemed to work perhaps this is a giveaway that it is defective??)
EDIT: I have somehow gotten the PSU to work with the old computer.. I do not have a hard drive in it but everything seems to start up okay so does this rule out the PSU and being defective?
*Can not test with another psu I have none that will power the build let alone have the needed 24pin and 8pin connectors...
*Can not test with motherboard beeps I am unfortunately without a case audio or audio connector or what ever it is called (I apologize I had a mind blank)


I am now up to the point where I am testing with just the PSU, motherboard, cpu, hyper 212+. ram (no graphics card! I don't have one yet anyway or any to test although it doesn't matter) outside case. [therefore eliminates any shortages correct?] Testing with starting it up with the "paper clip" trick instead of case (easier). Motherboard lights on, psu fan spins successfully a second fan installed with hyper 212+ spins successfully, HOWEVER base 212+ with original fan starts and stops within a second. No video, no post, no nothing. Eventually, after a short time the PC shuts off and restarts itself and repeats the process. I have tried connecting the hyper 212+ fan into another 4pin "system fan" in which I discovered the fan successfully runs however, same symptoms as before with shutting down restarting repeating.

(apologize for out of order I'm typing as I remember what comes to mind)

*have tried original stock 2500k fan/cooler same symptoms as above except the fan DOES run for the entirety of the time it is on but everything shuts down.. (perhaps this tells me that it is not the motherboard but somehow the 212+??!
*theorized perhaps cx500 faulty/didn't have enough power but without a graphics card originally and now minus every single component besides important how can there not be enough power?
*again theorized psu faulty because it did not work with the very old computer
*again theorized psu faulty becuase when everything plugged in including all of the fans of the antec 900 (4 fans) the blue leds did work however the front fans did not successfully spin, I think I did manage to get one to work but not the other... I don't even know to be completely honest I think I got frustrated and it just wasn' working...
*testing PSU with paper clip method contradicts above that it is faulty but then again I have seen somewhere someone saying that it does not neccessarily mean its NOT faulty, but it also didn't work with the old PC so I don't know...
*theorized MB faulty because of the hyper 212+ fan not spinning
*am aware of clearing the CMOS or whatever, but I ahve not tried because I don't think I have a jumper plus its completely brand new so I don't think ti would make a difference already on default settings never successfully booted once...
*before NOTHING would turn on, only PSU and extra 212+ fan (not original!) started spinning for like 0.01 of a second then immediately stopped! no lights, no indication fo any power, nothing at all (I only discovered the very short fan start up after very close inspection) however, I have no idea how I got everything to actually somewhat "start" as described above... I guess that's a good thing I got past this but still leaves me concerns of why something like that would have happened in the first place...
*tried no memory sticks, different memory sticks etc. same smyptoms pretty sure that it has nothing to do with ram
*YES, I have installed hyper 212+ and 2500k successfully and correctly along with about pea/rice sized thermal paste provided with hyper 212+ (I have built ONE 2500k based ssytem before same thing with hyper 212+ NO problems, and two other AMD based PCs but stock coolers however I can say i am experrienced and pretty sure I did everything right)
*since paperclip worked to start the computer eliminates case switch from being shortcircuited etc.
*adding on to above again, tested outside case so no shortages from anything inside...
*again, NO video throughout this whole weird process...

Now I am extremely exhausted from tryign to get this to wok and I thank you guys so much for helping and bearing through this I am sorry for such a long disorganized post, wrong words, typos, and for any of tom's rules I may have broken. I am pretty scared that somethign is definately serioously wrong/faulty. all of my testings and conclusions still has me theorizing that the PSU, OR MB, OR CPU, OR even 212+, OR all of them are faulty. i really have no idea where to go from here... Thank you all so much!

EDIT: Oh sorry forgot to include again to stress I am not a noob and have done this 3 times successfully before so I went through ALL of the precautions, things to check article at Tom's and yes am 99.9% sure did everything right (everything plugged in etc.)


Mar 16, 2011
Thank you all that didn't respond haha. solved the problem, finally narrowed down to faulty memory stick. Hope this is the ONLY problem... Can a moderator please close this thread? Thank you