Aug 13, 2008
Hey guys, I'm getting ready to order my new rig today, and I need some advice. Here are the parts I've chosen:

Case: $59.95
Antec Three Hundred

CPU: $189.99
AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz

Mobo: $109.99

Memory: $57.99
G. SKILL 2x2 GB DDR2 1066

Hard Drive: $54.99
Western Digital 320 GB

Video Card: $199.99
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 896 MB

DVD Burner: $22.99
LG Black 22X DVD+RW

Now here's what I need some help with, choosing a good PSU. Right now, I have two that I have in mind:

OCZ StealthXStream 700W: $89.99

CORSAIR CMPSU 550W: $94.99

Grand Total: ~$793-$798 /w shipping

I'm not sure which one will be best. The OCZ PSU seems like a good deal, but I feel like the 700 watts are a little overkill for what I'm going to be using this computer for. My budget is a bit tight.

This computer is mostly going to be used for playing WoW, TF2, COD5, CS Source, etc, so it's not really doing anything too serious. I don't plan on doing any overclocking too soon, although I may try it a little in the future when I get comfortable.

Thanks for the help :D
Yes, +1 to xthekidx. Corsair is superior to OCZ. Even if you stick to your original parts, choose the smaller Corsair, just for the quality.
Depending on the resolution, for those games you might be just fine with one of the new HD4770 cards.


Feb 14, 2008
I'd go for the Corsair over the OCZ PSU. But I'd get a module one like the hx520 if it were my build. I'm with JTT also. I would scope out the new ATI 4770. That offers decent framerates for most games upto 19x12 res and it's almost half the price of your current video card. Also, if you're not planning on doing anything to serious why not drop your processor to the X2 7750. You can pick that up for 60 bucks and it will do good enough if you're not the hardcore gamer. Then with all that money saved you can move to a nicer case like the Antec P182.


Dec 24, 2008
Don't get a 7750, that is the low end budget PC CPU. If you step down the CPU, then you can consider the PII 720BE, it performs well in games and is quite affordable. But at $190 for the 940, that is an excellent price and I would just keep that.


Mar 24, 2009
It could be a toss, OCZ recently acquired PC Power and Cooling and for the past 10 to 15 years PC Power and Cooling has been the standard by which all other power supplies have been measured. It has only been the last couple of years that Corsair has gotten a lot of positive press.

I've built systems around both and so far no disapointments.


Dec 9, 2008
OCZ SxStream 500w is 50 after rebate at microcenter (and I think newegg), and often goes down to 25 AR.

I use it with e8400 oc'd and a 260.

Used to with a 9950 oc'd and the 260.

I think you're better off with the intel e8400, for most games.

Also corsair and ocz have 1066 2x2gb memory for 33 or so after rebate.

finally, if you can reuse anything, an i7 920 system is getting cheaper, you can get the open box mb/cpu/ram for about 515 plus tax/shipping at microcenter. twenty more w/o the open box for the mb.

if you can find a ps/dvd (really need it?)/hard drive for a hundred, and get gpx260 from new egg for 169 ...