Question Need help. PC not booting, can only access BIOS and a blue screen troubleshooting menu.

Mar 27, 2023
Windows 10
Processor: Intel i9 12900K
RAM: G-Skill 16 x 4
Graphics Card: Gefore GTX 1070
Storage: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2TB (4TB HDD as alternative storage)
PSU: NZXT 850w
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Z690

I built this PC about 14 months ago and it's been a champ so far. The graphics card was left over from the old PC because I didn't want to get into the market at the time.

Quick backstory is that my PC was seemingly fine all day, I left for a while, came back and Chrome was repeatedly failing. I tried to restart my computer, monitor was not getting a signal. I initially thought this was a monitor issue and spent a while troubleshooting that.

Eventually I was taken to a blue screen menu with some toubleshooting options: repair startup (didn't work), access to the command prompt, the option to reset windows (I've tried this and it won't go through with it, get a "failed to reset, no changes were made" message), and several other more advanced options. I've tried some basic things in the command promp and didn't learn much. As stated I can get into the BIOS but taking advantage of that is beyond my knowledge (which I'm constantly reminded is quite limited). I can get back to the troubleshooting menu consistently after restarting the PC, although it takes 5-10 minutes of sitting idle before it will go there.

If anybody has any clue what is going on, your assistance would be super appreciated. I haven't encountered something so abrupt and seemingly bad as this before. Rather than speculate any further, I'll be available to heed advice all day, thank you in advance.