[SOLVED] Need help. PC shuts off during a specific game

Jan 11, 2022
Hi all,
I've been having an issue with my computer over the last week where the PC will immediate cut power during gameplay then restart a few seconds later.

This only happens during gameplay of a specific game (Dual Universe). I've been monitoring CPU and GPU temps during gameplay and CPU ranges from 76-80⁰c at a CPU load of 90-99%. This load isn't the same throughout all gameplay but it does stay about 80% load most of the time. GPU temp during gameplay is around 76-78⁰c at a load of 80-99%. As with the CPU, these are the higher loads and temps I see moments before the PC cuts power.

Tese loads rise and fall frequently depending on activity in the game and do recover many time also however, after a specific action introduced in their latest update it almost always leads to the PC shutdown. I do play other games that stress the GPU equal amounts but over 10+ hours in the last week have not caused a PC shutdown.

Edit: the above temps are averages I guess based on NZXT realtime monitoring however HWmonitor logs show some peaks on CPU temp at 88⁰ a few times over a 15 min period.

I live in a part of the world that has frequent power cuts (~weekly) but no power cuts happened a week prior to this issue arising.

Any information would be helpful.

My PC is old but it's been handling the gaming I do reasonably in the past.

MB: Intel DH67BL
RAM: 20gb (2x2gb ddr3, 2x8gb ddr3)
CPU: i7 3770
PSU: Corsair CX750M
HDD: 2x SSD, 1x HDD
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