Question Need HELP - PC shutting down each time i use GPU software or Games.

Mar 18, 2023

i just finish a new PC 15 days ago, and i have a big problem.
Each time i start a game or a software who require GPU my computer shut down in seconds.
i ll try with Eve-online / Gigapixel / Heaven Benchmark 4.0 same results.

sys : w10 pro 64 bit original
GC : Geforce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GO
Proc : AMD Rysen 9 5900 X 12 coeur + venti : DeepCool AK400 Zero Dark PLUS
CM : Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite Ax
ram : 64GO Ram Corsair DDR4 2x64 bit Dual 1333 mhz
tour : Fractal Design Define R5 Black
alim : Seasonic FOCUS PX-650 - Platinium

Perhaps this can help a little : CPU-Z report

i do not know what to do. And i stress a little.
Thanks by advance for your answers.