Question Need Help PC Stopped Working ?


Feb 13, 2015
Hello everyone!
So TLDR My partner built this pc a month ago, came home from thanksgiving yesterday and their pc was shut off (they usually keep it on during the day)
It wouldn't turn on after trying and waiting and etc so I had them unplug their psu and drain the power by holding the power switch.
This worked and the pc seemed to be up and functional for about 40 mins then shut off again.
Repeat same process, worked for 15 min, then shut off again.
Repeat again, same thing, until eventually it would just start up and then stop after a few seconds.
Weird, not sure what the problem is, we did the basic procedure for checking things.
We reset the ram, we reset the cmos, reseated the power supply cables the 24pin and the cpu pin connector, etc.
Eventually we got it to "WORK" again - by this I mean all the lights were on, all the fans were spinning, everything seemed functional.
But it wouldn't display to the monitor. For fun we made sure the monitor didnt randomly die in an hour and it worked when plugged into their laptop.

Any ideas?
  • They checked temps when pc was operational, and temps at idle were normal where they should be and nothing seemed off with anything. ram was normal. cpu usage normal. cpu temps normal. gpu temps normal. etc. even up to the point where it shut off temps were normal.
  • I wouldn't think any of the components (ram + cpu + ssd + gpu ) would die within 1 hour of testing along with the problem of randomly shutting down.
  • Looked on the motherboard for any signs of damage from power supply maybe? didn't find any, and again everything lights up and fans spin and gpu fans spin and etc.
All I can think of is that the PSU is defective?
I assume maybe earlier asus antisurge protection was going off because power supply was overvolting,
but now maybe its undervolting and the system wont display? no idea.
Any help is appreciated.
Asus Prime B450M-A Motherboard
Ryzen 3 3100 + stock cooler
GSkill Ripjaws 2x8 16gb 3600mghz ddr4 that was compatible on the qvl
500gb western digital nvme ssd
Gigabyte Gtx 1650 Super GPU
Corsair CV450 Psu
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