Question Need help picking a 3440x1440 100-144hz 32-35" monitor with low MS response


Jul 12, 2014
As title says

I'm going to be dishing out a good 400-600$ on a new monitor and want it to be the right choice.
I'd rather go cheaper but I have a few I've picked out but further research shows that the ms response time is even worse and input lag etc reach 13ms(ish)

Anyway, here are my top choices With the nixeus 34" being top right now

Nixeus 34” edg
Sceptre c355w
Asus tuf VG35VQ

Also getting second thoughts if I should dish out the extra bang for

MSI Optix MPG341CQRV 34" UWQHD 3440x1440 (2K) 1ms 120Hz

I've seen these msi and other monitors as being the best 1ms (gtg) true near 1ms monitors. It's just an extra

Nixeus is 489$
the msi mpg34 is 667$

178$ usd difference, isn't alot lot but somewhat is especially thinking to myself almost spending 700$ on a monitor is stupid...

Anyway, please any help and information/support will be greatly appreciated. I don't care for IPS to be honest and prefer a VA panel at the moment.

Thank you

Edit: Forgot to add in if it mattered
My current monitor is a Viotek GN32C 32" curved 144hz 1080p monitor. VA Panel
Which I will be selling after the successful purchase of a 21:9 monitor, won't get much but it'll help getting an extra 200-250ish back.
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