Need help picking a GPU


Apr 8, 2009
I'm building a new i7 rig and i'm having trouble deciding on a video card.

- I play at 1920x1080 resolution on a 23" Acer HD monitor. I will be using the HDMI cable when i get the new GPU if that makes a difference.
- I mostly play newer FPS and RTS games like Left 4 Dead, CoD World at War, and I would like to play Stormrise when I switch to vista with the new build.
- I dont have a set budget but i'm trying to keep this around $1600 if possible.
- I'm mostly looking for something that will allow me to play modern games smoothly for the next year or so.

So far I've narrowed my choices down to a 4870 1gb to keep the price low or GTX 285 for single cards and a 4850x2 or 2 gtx 260 core 216's in SLI for dual cards.

My other systems specs will be:
- i7 920
- 6gb of DDR3 1600mhz gskill memory
- DFI LANPARTY JR X58-T3H6 (cheap, best DFI board i could find for the i7, and I plan on overclocking)
- 150gb velociraptor
- 750 watt, or higher if needed, corsair PSU
- Thermalright TRUE 1366 heatsink
- Vista Home Premium 64-bit
- WD 6400AAKS 640gb drive for storage

I'm willing to make changes where needed so If you guys spot something that can be improved, let me know.

Thanks for the help.


Feb 9, 2009
GTX 285 or GTX 260 core 216 if you go the low budget way since it owns the 4870 in some games and just beats it in others aswell as it being cheaper.

Velociraptor's aren't worth it, the WD caviar black 1TB is close to the same read/write speeds with a load more storage, if you want a fast boot drive, get an SSD.


Jan 7, 2009
Well, 4870 1gb has been seen better than the gtx 260 in most high resolutions, but, both are like twins but, the gtx 285/gtx 275/4890 if its in the range of your budget.

The velociraptor shouldn't be used just yet, taking off the velociraptor and getting the wd black 1tb or seagate 1tb will allow you to get a Asus P6T v2 deluxe for good overclocking aswell.