Need Help Picking a Graphics Card


Jul 28, 2010
Hi, I need advice on what graphics card would be good for me. I want a card for high settings in newer games for around 100-200 dollars and it would be nice if it lasted at mid-high range for a few years. I was looking at the gtx 460 and the HD 5770, but not sure if my psu will support it.

Comp Specs (will be most likely upgrade cpu/motherboard next year):
-AMD Athlon II X2 245
-Mainboard- MSI K9N6PGM2-V2
-WD Cavalier Green 500gb Hard Drive
-4GB Ram
-600watt PSU-


Your PSU is a lie, it was apparently designed by people who cant do math which scares me. On the load table under the 12V rails it says

470W (31A)

31A @ 12V is 372W, 470W is ~39A, im not sure which one is right but i would assume the lower number to be safe, in which case the 5770 is about as high as you should go.
Some of the advice you have been given appears to be inaccurate.

The Tom's chart showing 307W for a single GTX 460 under full graphics load is reporting the TOTAL system wattage drawn AT THE WALL. At 90% efficiency, the actual wattage THAT psu actually used to drive the whole computer was ~275W.

So if you believe your psu can deliver close to the numbers it tries to report on its label, you would be fine.

OTOH, a $26 600W psu with at least one math error on its label is something to be skeptical about :)

Here's a powerful enough psu for $40 after MIR:]

that got a pretty good review from a respected source:]

[strike]If[/strike] When you read the review you will find other recommendations you may want to check out.


Actually, those load tables are only GPU load in that review, they do not have the CPU at max load which is why i was adding the extra 60W to account for the CPU.

If you are going to be upgrading to an i5 with a higher end GPU then pick yourself up a good 500-550W unit with about ~40A on the 12V rail, that way you wont need to worry about upgrading it unless you decide to move onto a dual GPU setup. Something like the Antec TP-550, Seasonic S12II 520W, or Corsair 550VX are good choices.