Need help picking Dell XPS 8500


Dec 27, 2012
Hi there! (Sorry if in wrong category) I am ordering a new PC for myself hopefully tomorrow but am having trouble making the final decision. I have been googling around reading up about parts to help me make a decision but still unsure.

My main purpose for this PC is gaming. I want to play games like Skyrim/ Just Cause 2/ Total War /BF3 etc.. on high graphics/resolution.
I am in 1st year studying computing so would do college work on it too. (programming and web design etc)
The monitor I would use for the first few months is a TV with 1360x768 resolution, but I would like to buy dual 1920x1080 in the near future! My budget for the box itself is ~€1,000.
(I have a Dell coupon to -€120 off.),d00x8513,d00x8517&

The differences between the 3 are Memory, Hard Drive, Video Card and Optical Drive.

Memory: I would have thought that 8GB is plenty for gaming so 12GB would be overkill.

Hard Drive: 1TB would be enough as I wouldnt be hoarding files. However an SSD would be nice for the OS for fast boot/load times on games that are on it, although 32GB is not alot. So would I be better of buying a larger SSD along with a different PC and put it in myself?

Video Card: I was comparing on Obviously the GTX660 stands above the others, but is it an overkill? Or are the others ok for what I need? I would like a future proof machine. I would prefer to spend the money on a good card now and not have to replace it years down the road.

Optical Drive: Standard is fine, although I do have Bluray movies. I dont NEED a Bluray player but I would use it if I had it. (The addition of the Bluray Drive wouldnt be a major factor)

So I think its the GPU I am having trouble deciding for my needs!
Thanks for reading and any advice would be much appreciated.
Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
Since you're looking to game on this machine, you want the best graphics card you can afford (that's the general rule of thumb for a gaming rig). Truthfully, an i7 is overkill for gaming but for your school work I would call it ideal
I'm going to recommend the most expensive of the three there as it will give you the best gaming performance and the best performance for your school work (win/win). I do like the little SSD on the mid-priced one but drives are easy enough to add on later and SSD's are getting more and more affordable
for what it's worth, enjoy