Need help picking new fans.


Mar 18, 2007
I'm planning on doing some overclocking to my rig pretty soon here. I am willing to drop some money for better cooling. Here's my rig:

Intel C2D e6750 @ 2.67GHz - Want to overclock to somewhere between 3.5GHz and 3.7GHz
2gb Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 - Planning on buying another 2gb.
GeForce 8800GTS 320mb - Overclocking this as we speak. Going quite well so far.
NZXT Apollo ATX Mid Tower - Currently have (3) 120mm Case fans in it (That's the max)

- I want to upgrade the CPU heat sink; Looking for some suggestions. I want it to do it's job, and keep the CPU cool; I don't want it to be overly loud; I don't want to spend very much money on it. I'm looking at the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, but I'm open to other suggestions.
- I want to get some new case fans. I'm currently running 3 Cooler Master Fan's, and they're treating my pretty well. Was just wondering if there were any moderately quiet fans that push a little more air.
- I possibly will get a new GPU heat sink/fan if I can find for for cheap, that isn't too loud.

I want everything to perform fairly well, while not being overly loud. I know those two things are kind of opposites, but I just want help finding a happy-medium. I also do not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on this. Thanks.


Dec 9, 2008
Well between the case fans and heatsink you're gonna be lookin at around 100$ to accomplish what you're lookin for. I'll start with the case fans, yours are rated at 22 decibels and an airflow rate of 42 cubic feet per minute. That's a pretty decent ratio and it would be hard to reach much lower decibels with any significant increase in airflow. Although i've come across a couple you may be interested in:

ENERMAX UC-MA12 // Noise: 18 dBA // AirFlow: 69cFm // Price: $18.99

Thermaltake A2492 // Noise: 17 dBA // AirFlow: 50cFm // Price: $11.49

As for the CPU cooler, the one you're looking at isn't bad, it looks to be pretty silent although it pushes less than 50cFm. You may be better of throwing down the bit of extra cash for like a Zalman. They make some very nice pure copper heatsinks, which is always more efficient than aluminum. Here's a very nice one: